Superintendent : Kuo Tsung-Cheng , M.D., ph.D.
Foreign Language Hotline : 886-6-2221111
Address : No. 22, Sec.2, Minsheng Rd. Tainan City
Telephone : 886-6-2221111
Fax : 886-06-2206600
Established : October 1958
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Base area : 4,275.5 m2
Total floor area : 32,912.0 m2
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Hospital Outline
Our Goal and Ideal

  Based on the concept that "A human life is weightier than the earth", we have established "professional, responsible and smiling" all-around medical services.

Future plans

  1. Upgrade the humaneness of our medical services on the principle of "customers first and treating patients like our own kin" and provide patients with a comfortable and fine medical environment.
  2. Develop preventive medicine, reach into the community to guard the well-being of the people, regard community health as our work guideline and build a fine and healthy municipality.
  3. Establish a long-term care center and look after senior citizens to fulfill the social responsibility of the medical industry.
  4. Create a "hospice team" to help final phase cancer patients and their families.
  5. Develop "critical care medicine" to provide proper care and a safe medical environment for critical patients.
  6. Aim at "service, education, research and welfare" to achieve sustainable management to eventually become a medical center.
Domestic Outreach

International release of medical theses

  1. In Sep. 2003, Director Guo Chunhua of our nurse department attended the International Council of Nurses in later published in the Journal of Nursing Research in Dec. 2003.
  2. On Sep.3 2004, President Guo Zongzheng was invited to the Annual Convention of the Japanese Society of Fertility and Sterility and Academic Seminar to present his thesis of "ART in Taiwan", which was published later in the "World of Obstetrics and Gynecology" in Apr. 2004.

International Quality Certifications

  To ensure our patients receive medical care up to international standards and show our efforts and commitment to medical quality, we have made improvements and have been granted the ISO-9002 international quality certification for all of the 43 procedural items in our hospital to become the third hospital in the country and the first in southern Taiwan with the ISO certification for the whole hospital.

Hospital meeting
Automatic vertical parking lot
Hospital Features
  1. Humane space design: We have adopted bright-colors and created a peaceful, easy-access space with anti-slip device, open counters and privacy-protected rooms for medical care for the respect patients deserve. We also play light music to ease the anxiety of patients in waiting.
  2. Center for Reproductive Medicine: We are a medical center for care of test tube babies in southern Taiwan. Equipped with the most advanced medical apparatuses and doctors specialized in treating infertility, we hope to bring joy Hospital meeting Automatic vertical parking lot within the shortest time to families seeking babies with reproductive medicine of the new era.
  3. E-hospital: We have created the in-house computer network to provide a bulletin board and discussion ground to accommodate free expressions. We also promote a paperless office environment and offer cordless information network for patients to use.
  4. Artistic atmosphere: There are paintings by artist Shen Zhezai and murals by artist Dai Fengzhao throughout the hospital to create the artistic ambiance.
  5. The first vertical parking lot in Tainan City: To make it convenient for patients to come to the hospital, we have built the parking lot that employs computerized control with a 360-degree rotation plate. It accommodates up to 150 cars and takes only 90 seconds to retrieve a vehicle.
Waiting room-bright and comfortable waiting space
Cancer Center


Appointed Hospital by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) for Foreigners' Physical Examination

  • Tests That Are Subject To Foreigners' Physical Examination
Category Foreign residents Foreign teachers Direct hire foreign workers The Initial entry of foreign workers Foreign workers’ periodic physical examination 
Physical Examination  Conforming to the validity of ARC Conforming to the validity of ARC Within 3 months before Re-entry Within six days of entry Up to 6, 18 and 30 months after entry
Time Frame/ Deadline
Required Documents 1 passport photo, ARC or passport
Tests General physical examination General physical examination General physical examination General physical examination General physical examination
Chest X-ray Chest X-ray Chest X-ray Chest X-ray Chest X-ray
HIV Antibody HIV Antibody HIV Antibody HIV Antibody HIV Antibody
Syphilis Serum Syphilis Serum Syphilis Serum Syphilis Serum Syphilis Serum
Intestinal parasites × Intestinal parasites Intestinal parasites Intestinal parasites
Family Medicine General Examination and diagnosis of illness    General Examination          General Examination and diagnosis of illness    General Examination and diagnosis of illness    General Examination and diagnosis of illness   
Provide Record and Report Of measles and rubella antibody-positive test reports or proof of vaccination ×


  • Please Be Noted
    Required documents for physical examination:
  1. Photo
    one photo (passport size)
    a photo to be taken at the registration (free of charge)
  2. Documents
    Passport ARC
  3. Measles and Rubella (MMR)
    Positive Antibody Test Report
    Proof of Vaccination
    Test for MMR Antibody
    Have been evaluated by a physician for the contraindication of vaccination.
    (Please provide the physician's letter of evaluation)
    ◎If the result of the test for measles and rubella antibody is negative, and the proof of measles, rubella vaccination is not provided, it's considered failed.
    Those who have been evaluated by a physician for the contraindication of the vaccination are considered pass.
  4. For females only Pregnant Not
  5. Children under 6 years old are exempt from physical examination, but must provide the proof of vaccination. (Children at age one and above should get at least one dose of measles and rubella vaccines.)
  6. Women who are pregnant and children who are under 12 years old are exempt from chest X-ray
  7. A child under 15years old is exempt from Serological Test for HIV and Syphilis.
  8. Intestinal parasite examination of the sample feces must be collected at the hospital on the same day prior to the test.
  9. The physical examination report will be forwarded to individual via certified mail, while it's also available for pick-up in person with valid ID.
  10. In accordance with the provisions, please make another appointment for re-examination when there is any test result appears to be abnormal or questionable on the physical examination report.
Professional and friendly service in a quiet, cozy atmosphere, all of which are here to make the process of your physical examination relax and easy

Physical Examination Hours for Foreigners:
(M - F): 08:00 to 11:30、 13:30 to 16:30
(Sat.) : 08:00 to 11:30 (Closed on Sat. afternoon!)

TEL:06-2225777 FAX:06-2208777
ADD.:23 Section 2 Ming-Sheng Road City of Tainan, 700


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